F-L-O-W ≈ 963Hz Frequency of Freedom ≈ Love ≈ Oneness ≈ Wisdom

🌟 Immerse yourself in the energetic flow of the universe ≈ Be in the flow ≈ Become the flow 🌟

Also known as “The Frequency of Gods”, the Solfeggio frequency of 963Hz is one of the most powerful and uplifting tones. This frequency is not only associated with the activation of the pineal gland, it also is a frequency our crown chakra can resonate with.

Solfeggio frequencies form part of an ancient scale that was rediscovered in the early 70’s. They are a tone sequence of 9 tonal frequencies. Originally used in Gregorian chants for centuries, they recently were brought to everybody’s attention for their healing powers.

Also called the “Frequency of Gods”, the 963Hz Solfeggio frequency is said to awaken any system to its original, perfect state. Its tone, also associated with our pineal gland and the crown chakra, helps us return to oneness, to our very source.

If you feel disconnected with the rest of the world, the 963Hz frequency can help complete your spiritual awakening with the interconnectedness of the Universe. Listening to the healing Solfeggio frequency of 963Hz can also strengthen the sense of community and belonging, or restore it if necessary.

For this meditation and sleep music, all instruments have been specifically and carefully tuned to 963 Hz. Therefore, the music in this video is an original 963 Hz composition and has not been artificially tuned to this frequency after completion. I am convinced that composing music in the original frequency will lead to better results when it comes to deploying the positive energy and benefits of these particular healing frequencies.


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