All 7 Chakras Resonance | 432Hz based Meditation Music

Unblock, open and balance your 7 chakras while you sleep. Heal your root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra (3rd eye) and crown chakra.

This music for meditation and/or sleep was composed in 432Hz based frequencies our chakras can resonate with. It is here for you to lovingly support you in unblocking, opening and balancing your 7 chakras and to accompany you into a restful, deep healing sleep.

Just as a melody can be composed by the use of the 7 notes of an octave, the 7 chakras create the soundtrack of our existence as human beings. And just as the construction of a house begins with the foundation, the work on the chakras starts from the bottom. Therefore, this all 7 chakras resonance meditation music starts at the lowest chakra frequency and rises successively.

The present music for meditation and/or sleep is based on a natural 432Hz chakra grid. According to this grid, the frequencies our 7 chakras can resonate with are as follows: root chakra (256Hz) - sacral chakra (288Hz) - solar plexus chakra (324Hz) - heart chakra (364.5Hz) - throat chakra (384Hz) - third eye chakra (432Hz) - crown chakra (480Hz).


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