Solar Plexus Chakra Resonance | 432Hz based Meditation Music

Our Solar Plexus Chakra, also called “Manipura” is the center of strength, self-esteem, personal power, the power of transformation and many more. It carries our need and drive to bring our own ideas into the world, to make them become reality, and to overcome any challenges along the way.

This music for meditation and/or sleep has been composed in a healing frequency our Solar Plexus Chakra can resonate with and is here for your to lovingly help you free yourself from all negative and destructive influences and heal with the help of your very own source of energy and power.

Our solar plexus chakra is an inexhaustible source of energy, self-confidence and power. It is the place where our power for change, for discipline, assurance and self-transformation is located, but also the need for control over situations that could become overwhelming.

When our Solar Plexus Chakra is open and the Manipura Energy flows freely, it is responsible for a strong willpower and indestructible self-assurance. A person with a healthy, open and balanced Solar Plexus Chakra radiates natural power and does not let others take it away.

But when the Solar Plexus Chakra is out of balance or blocked, we feel insecure and out of touch with the wonderful beauty and fire within ourselves. We feel the lack of self-esteem, we feel powerless and unable to take responsibility.

It is therefore vital to open and heal our Solar Plexus Chakra to restore balance and let motivation, ambition, power and self-esteem enter ourselves and our lives again.

The present music for meditation and/or sleep is based on a natural 432Hz Chakra grid. According to this grid, the frequency our Solar Plexus Chakra can resonate with, is 324 Hz.

For this meditation and/or sleep music, all instruments have been specifically and carefully tuned to 324 Hz. Therefore, the music in this video is an original 324 Hz composition and has not been artificially tuned to 324Hz after completion. I am convinced that composing music in the original frequency will lead to better results when it comes to deploying the positive energy and benefits of this particular chakra frequency.


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