Peaceful Sleep | 432Hz Deep Healing & Releasing Music

The natural frequency of 432Hz, also called the“Earth frequency”, is the frequency everything in our Universe resonates with. This 9 hour black screen edition of specially composed music for meditation and/or sleep in the healing frequency of 432 Hz is here for you to lovingly help you to let go of all blockages, calm your mind, body and soul and find back to deepest inner peace and harmony.

In this 9h special edition, the animation gradually fades out during the first 5 minutes of the video and the screen remains black until the end.

Music is well known to affect more than just our psyche. It can also have positive influence on internal functions like blood pressure, heart rate and even physical pain amongst many other things. Music tuned to 432 Hz is proven to be relaxing for body and mind and very often also perceived as being more harmonic and pleasant than the “standard” 440 Hz, which is the frequency that most of the modern day music we listen to is tuned at.

According to music theory, A=432 Hz is mathematically consistent with the universe. This is known as Verdi’s ‘A’ – named after Giuseppe Verdi, a famous Italian composer (even though Verdi used several tunings across his life..).

Music tuned to 432 Hz is often perceived as being softer and more pleasant. It is said to provide greater clarity and is easier on the ears. 432Hz music unites the listeners to the universal harmony and generates positive effects on mind and body. In short, 432 Hz music would fill the mind with a sense of deep peace and well-being, while releasing emotional blockages that hinder us from letting go and experiencing full inner and outer harmony. 


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For this meditation and/or sleep music, all instruments have been specifically and carefully tuned to 432 Hz. Therefore, the music in this video is an original 432 Hz composition and has not been artificially tuned to 432Hz after completion. I am convinced that composing music in the original frequency will lead to better results when it comes to deploying the positive energy and benefits of this particular natural frequency.


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